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The Chi Machine

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The Chi Machine

What is the Chi Machine?

In Japan it is registered as a Remedial device, in America the FDA has approved it as a 'Class 1' regulated Therapeutic Massager. It can benefit every conceivable ailment a human being can suffer from.

What does it look like?

It measures 15'' x 12'' x 9'' and weighs approximately 15 lbs. - a small unit with an ankle cradle on the top which oscillates at approximately 145 times per minute, creating a balanced, rhythmic, wave-like motion throughout the whole body.

What does 'Chi' mean?

It's the Chinese word for 'life force energy'. We all have Chi in greater or lesser amounts. The ideal is to have Chi flowing freely throughout our body. That is what the Sun Ancon Chi Machine does - it creates Chi in our body, experienced as tingling or a rush of energy - an amazing feeling!

What are the origins of the Chi Machine?

In Japan, it has long been established that special breathing techniques coupled with a meditative sitting position, will raise the level of oxygen in the blood comparable to aerobic exercise.

Doctor Shizuo Inoue, Chairman of the Japanese Oxygen Health Association, knowing of these techniques, wanted to find a way to make the human body oxygen efficient without the necessity for time- consuming meditation or strenuous exercise which consumes the excess of oxygen generated with movement.

He had long known that a contributing cause of most disease is a lack of oxygen in the body. For example, a cell only becomes cancerous when it receives less than 60 % of its oxygen requirement. He had carried out exhaustive research to find the correlation between oxygen levels and the quality of health for over thirty-eight years.

In the early 1950's, Doctor Inoue's research led him to study the  motion of Japanese Koi fish as they swam. He observed they were remarkably healthy and well-toned.. He theorised that this could be attributed to the perpetual movement of the spine. He called together a team of engineers and physiologists to produce an appliance which would replicate this movement in the human spine, creating rhythmic muscle contractions combined with stimulation of the autonomic nerves along the spinal column.

Further research confirmed that Doctor Inoue's hypothesis was correct: that causing the human body to move in this way, raised the levels of both blood oxygen and Chi (energy) resulting in substantial health benefits. It was found that a precise rate of oscillation within a well-defined range of motion must be maintained to achieve optimal oxygenation of the human body. He and his team of researchers were then able to develop a practical, easy to carry appliance that duplicated the oxygenating and energising effect based on his findings.

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