How exactly does it work?
It works by moving your legs. The motion of the Chi Machine helps the blood to circulate efficiently throughout your body. Cells absorb oxygen and toxins are removed. As a result, you are rejuvenated within a few minutes.

How does the Chi Machine help?
15 minutes on the Chi Machine is equivalent to 90 minutes of walking exercise in terms of oxygenation of the blood, whilst the internal organs are massaged simultaneously by the gentle movement. It is extremely valuable to those, who through age or physical limitations, are unable to exercise. Using a minimum amount of effort, a maximum amount of benefit is achieved. This is an aerobic exercise that will not tire you. It is not an aerobic exercise that pushes you beyond your capacity. Keep using it and you will be repaid with good health.

How can this benefit so many different people?
Every day, people consume a chemical cocktail from residues in farm products and processed foods. Water supplies are often contaminated. we suffer from air pollution, badly ventilated rooms, lack of exercise, and an excess of highly processed foods and additives - this is compounded by stress and sedentary lifestyles. The side effects of drugs can cause many ailments, among them - exhaustion, muscle stiffness, dizziness, numbness, pains, itchiness, inflammation and sometimes panic attacks. The Chi Machine will help eliminate body toxins and provide the essential benefits of exercise without putting stress on the spinal vertebrae, joints, heart and lungs and without depleting vital body energy levels or causing injury. This can be done at any time, anywhere by anyone!

Do you have to be young and healthy to use the Chi Machine?
Due to its low impact operation, it does no harm to the elderly or frail.  People who are wheelchair-bound, and others whose movements are impaired benefit greatly from the gentle massaging effect created by the exerciser, and its assistance in the movement of lymphatic fluid in the body.

Why isn't the speed of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine adjustable?
The speed of the Chi Machine has been determined by rigorous and thorough study. It precisely conforms to the body's metabolism whether the person is frail, athletic, young or old and moves the body in a perfect figure eight. A faster or slower speed would produce an irregular figure of eight which could actually damage the body.

How can we tell if we are getting enough oxygen?
Check the statements below which apply to you:
* I wake up tired, even after eight hours of sleep
* I have difficulty falling asleep or wake up frequently
* I suffer from chronic fatigue
* I have poor physical endurance
* I tend to be moody and irritable
* I am susceptible to colds and flu
* I suffer from allergies
* I frequently feel stressed
* I suffer from constipation
* I have difficulty breathing
* I have stiffness and pain in my shoulders/back
* I have weight problems
* I have cardiac symptoms
* I crave sweets, alcohol or cigarettes
If three or more of these statements apply to you, your body may not be assimilating sufficient oxygen. You may wish to have your blood oxygen levels tested both before and after you use the Chi Machine.

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