What effect does the Chi Machine have on Lymph fluids?
Lymph can only be moved around the body as the result of physical activity. The Chi Machine effectively moves the body's fluids and aids the Lymphatic system - particularly important for those who get very little exercise. Professor Neil Piller (world renowned Lymphoma researcher) said he has found the Chi Machine to be the most efficient method of lymphatic drainage that he has come across. It is also excellent in removing lactic acid - a problem suffered by athletes.

What if I've got high blood pressure?
Passive aerobic exercise using the Chi Machine results in blood oxygenation without physical effort, so neither heart rate nor blood pressure is raised. Start with one minute.

Can it cause any harm or side effects?
Massage/exercise in the lying down position ensures no possible injury. The heartbeat and blood pressure do not increase because no effort is exerted. (Massage in this context means the gentle massage effect on the internal organs that occurs with the wave-like movements of the body)

Is this a good way to exercise regularly?
The simplicity of use and the portability of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, offers a convenient way for busy people to cultivate a vital exercise habit.

I've heard that the Chi Machine is good for weight loss, is this true?
The Chi Machine will, with regular usage, endeavour to bring your body into balance. Because it works at cell level, it triggers cellular memory, so if you are under-weight you will eventually put on weight, if you are over-weight you will gradually lose weight, as your body balances out. If you use the machine and follow a healthy nutritional programme your body will adjust accordingly.

How does this affect my health?
The Chi Machine has been used successfully by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, with many remarkable results reported by users:-
* More energy and a greater sense of well-being.
* Stronger and more supple spine and joints.
* Firming and toning of thighs, hips and buttocks.
* Sounder and more restful sleep.
* Fewer breathing problems.
* Stronger immune system, fewer or no colds.
* Better stamina.
* Alleviation of many stress-related conditions (headaches, migraines,     anxiety, depression).
* Improved function of the internal organs. (relief from constipation)
* Improved circulation of the blood.

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