When should it not be used?
Do not use for one hour after eating
Within three months of surgery
If suffering from open wounds or infection
With serious heart disease (where the person is unable to walk)
During the first trimester of pregnancy
With Epilepsy (unless with a doctor's consent)

How do I go about using the machine?
Position the Chi Machine on a firm surface with the handle facing away from you.
Make sure that air can circulate underneath it.
Take off your shoes, spectacles and restrictive clothing, tight belts etc.
Sit down and with straight legs, place your feet on either side of the machine with the bottom of your heels exactly level with the two rear corners.
See that the arrow pointing upwards on the machine is exactly in line with the centre of your body.
Take three long deep breaths whilst your blood pressure  adjusts to the sitting position.
Drink a glass of water.
Lower your back to the floor, lift your feet and move them inwards, to  rest on the cradles. If necessary, prop pillows under parts of the body that might be uncomfortable. A folded pillow will support painful knees but it is better not to have a pillow under the head unless absolutely necessary (it will restrict movement). As you derive benefit, you will gradually be able to do away with these supports.

How long should I be on the machine?
A healthy person can start with a maximum of 4 minutes once or twice a day. Generally speaking it is a good idea to start with 2 minutes once or twice a day for the first week and build up gradually over a period of time to 15 minutes. The self-timer goes up to 30 minutes but 15 is ample for fit and healthy people.
The poorer the state of health, or the more pain a person is in, the shorter the time the machine should be used. Just 1 minute once a day is quite enough for someone who is in poor health or in a lot of pain. This can be increased as improvement is felt.

What happens if I feel dizzy or ache?
One of the effects of the movement is to stimulate the release of accumulated toxins from the tissues. This is why it is so important to drink water both before and after using the machine. If you feel dizzy or headachy, halve your time - you are de-toxing too fast.
If you feel aches or pains around old wounds, this is the oxygen clearing and healing. If it is too uncomfortable, cut your time down. If the feelings persist, stop using it and seek advice from your distributor.

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