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Can I watch TV whilst I'm on the machine?
You are advised to close your eyes and focus on your breath whilst the machine is turned on. Breathing deeply enhances the oxygenation and relaxation of the entire body. This is a really good opportunity to meditate, enabling you to relax even more deeply.

What is the most important part of the treatment?
40% of the therapeutic effect occurs while the machine is moving and 60% when it stops, so when it does stop, keep absolutely still with your eyes closed.

What will I experience?
Whilst the machine is moving, you will experience a gentle rocking motion. When it stops you will either experience a state of perfect calm or a tingling rush of 'chi' energy up through your body from your feet. Focus your attention inwardly and remain lying still for at least two or three minutes, taking long deep breaths. This rest period enables you to absorb and process the chi energy and oxygenation.

What do I do when the movement stops?
Following the rest period, remove your feet from the unit and bend your knees into a 45 degree angle with your feet flat on the floor.
With your arms by your sides take a deep breath and lower your knees to the side as low as is comfortable (without lifting your hips off the floor) whilst you breath out.
Slowly return your knees to the upright position whilst inhaling. Repeat this movement to the opposite side and back, breathing as before. Repeat this exercise several times and then rest. Roll onto your side and sit up.
Conclude the session with a glass of water to aid the removal of circulatory and metabolic waste materials from the body by way of urine. This promotes good health.


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