How much does the Sun Ancon Chi Machine cost?
For UK only: Set price in Australian dollars - A$750 incl. of shipping (please check here for daily exchange rate)

BEWARE!! The Sun Ancon Chi Machine price is set from the company in Austrailia, so there are no cheaper prices anywhere else in the UK, just inaccurate currency conversions!

Unless you qualify for VAT exemption, you will be asked to pay the courier VAT on delivery. If you suffer from a chronic illness, like for example, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, ME emphysema, osteoporosis, back problems, asthma or anxiety depression, you may be exempt from VAT, in which case a form can be filled out on your behalf, called an Annex H and claim VAT exemption for you. Please ask for more information.

The delivery time is
3-5 days by UPS Couriers, from door to door.

Your credit card company may charge a small amount to cover the exchange rate.

Would it pay me to shop around?
Only to make sure that you're getting the best service and information.

How do I pay for the Chi Machine?
With a Visa or Mastercard. Your details will be taken over the phone and then faxed through to Sydney. Our orders in England get priority and are sent out the same day.

What happens if I don't like it or can't get on with it?
You have two weeks in which to change your mind.

Where can I buy one?
Right here! Either Email me or ring me on 023 92793720 and I'll be glad to help you.

Following the dramatic results obtained by using the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, fraudulent plastic imitations have appeared on the market claiming to be the 'original' or 'superior' machine. It must be emphasised that the Sun Ancon Chi Machine is the only machine which has undergone clinical trials and medical research led by Professor Neil Pillar at Flinders University of Southern Australia. No other machine of this type is approved to be manufactured as a remedial device by any other government health department in the world. The Sun Ancon motor is 34+3 Watts (28+30% Watts). Doctor Inoue's research demonstrated that the body inherent figure of eight harmony can only be created by use of a 34+3 Watt motor. A higher wattage motor may sound more powerful and beneficial but in fact may be damaging to your health. It is  important that the number of oscillations per minute is between 140 and 146 to correspond with the body's natural rhythms. For example, the highest normal systolic blood pressure is 145. The moving section of imitation machines oscillates at a faster speed across a shorter area which may cause the body to perform an inaccurate movement, detrimental to the spine and blood pressure, with no consideration having been given to the 5 safe design principles incorporated into the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. The Sun Ancon has been patented in 27 countries and has won the Silver Eagle award at the Second Asia-Pacific Congress in 1993. It carries a$10,000,000 product and public liability insurance. Furthermore, the Sun Ancon Chi Machine has been granted the CE-the mark of British Electrical Safety Standards. The patent protects the right to these characteristics being mutated and manufactured under a different name.

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A) Goldfish swimming method -Sun Ancon Chi Machine.
B) Fradulant Imitations - 
Could result in spinal injury. 

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