What is the name of the company producing the Sun Ancon Chi Machine?
Its called Hsin Ten Enterprise Co. Ltd.

Do they sell any other products?
Yes, some very exciting ones including the Far Infrared Ray Hot House and other FIR products. Please contact me for more information.

Footnote from Hsin Ten Enterprise Co.Ltd.
"In order to bring even better quality health equipment to the people of the world, the Hsin Ten International Company, in co-operation with Skylite Industry Co Ltd. (which specializes in the manufacture of medical apparatus and instruments in Japan) have formed a joint venture to organize a research and development group consisting of thirty to forty professionals continuously inventing and developing more effective healthcare products.
At present, the Hsin Ten healthcare products - Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the Far-Infrared Rays Hot House are fast becoming some of the most popular products around the world and are setting new trends in healthcare practice. In future we will continue developing healthcare related products and to create practical and efficient health tools to help everyone enjoy a more healthy lifestyle regardless of either their limited living space or time."

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The FIR Hot House is ideal to use with the Chi Machine.
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