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Is the Hot House difficult to operate?
No, just lie comfortably with the Hot House over the part of your body you wish to treat, set the timer and relax. Alternatively, place the Hot House on its side and sit in its arc with your arms resting on the armrests. Always drink a glass of water before and after your treatment to avoid dehydration.

How big is the Hot House?
It is not like the huge machines you see in hospitals. It is  sized specifically for home or clinic use. There is even a carrying case available for it. It is just big enough to arch over you when you are lying down. It also has extensions for larger people and arm rests if you want to use it on its side for a bad back. The width over and across the body, measures 26 inches, the height 13 inches (without extensions) and the depth 14 inches. It weighs 5.7 kgs.

How long does a treatment take?
15 to 30 minutes, twice daily. You can use it more often for chronic conditions but take a break in between. You don't want to precipitate a healing crisis by putting your body into toxic overload. There are guidelines - during treatment you should not experience pain nor have a marked perception of heat. Following treatment, the skin may be slightly pinker than usual and 30 to 60 minutes after a treatment the treated area should feel as though it has been massaged.

Does the Hot House have the CE mark of British Electrical Safety Standards?
Yes and it is patented to protect the right to these characteristics being mutated and manufactured under a different name.

Can the Hot House harm me in any way?
Not if you follow the instructions. Far infrared rays are the same as Qi-gong, Reiki and Life force energy. Without this energy at all we would be unable to sustain life. By using the Hot House as per the instructions you will bring your immune system into balance, your body will function more efficiently and you will have a better quality of health.

Is the Hot House suitable for all ages?
It is suitable for most ages except very small children as they probably wouldn't keep still and could risk damaging themselves or the machine by touching the silicon surface.

How does the Hot House improve so many different conditions?
By expanding capillaries, stimulating the blood circulation and increasing the metabolic exchange between blood and tissue, which in turn brings the immune system into balance.

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