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What is the Hot House classified as?
The FIR Hot House is manufactured under a Japanese technology patent and has earned approval in Japan as a medical device (Licence No 63B/1049) after many successful clinical trials.

How much does the Hot House cost?
The popularity of this appliance has enabled the manufacturers to reduce the price to 1551 AU$ inclusive of carriage.

To check todays price please use our Currency Converter

Carriage takes
3-5 days by UPS Couriers, from door to door.

VAT is not included in this price.
On delivery (if you live in the UK) the courier will collect VAT at 17.5%  for customs. The price charged is worked out on the cost of the machine plus freight.
Remember that your credit card company will charge you a small commission to cover the exchange rate, usually around
5.00. These prices are fixed.
If you have a chronic health problem, you may very well be eligible for VAT exemption
- please ask for more information.

Would it pay me to shop around?
Only to make sure that you are getting the best service and back-up information.

How do I pay for the Hot House?
With a Mastercard or Visa card. Your details will be taken over the  phone and faxed through to Sydney.

Where can I buy one?

Right here! Either Email or telephone me, on 023 92793720 and I'll be glad to help in any way I can.

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