FIR-To-Go generates FIR energy at 8-10 micron. The normal human body temperature is 98.6 degrees F. Most of our body heat is normally emitted as Far Infrared Ray at the 8-10 micron wavelength. Therefore, if we generate FIR energy at 8-10 micron and direct it at a human body, it matches the FIR energy leaving the body and as much as 99 per cent is absorbed below the surface of the skin. Through this principle of using complimentary rays, the absorption of FIR energy stimulates the flow of blood to the peripheral areas.

Adjustable Heating/Radiating Head
The heating/radiating hear of the FIR-To-Go can be rotated up or down, right or left  to suit your needs.

Electronically Controlled and Safe
The temperature of the FIR-To-Go is automatically controlled by a built-in specially designed regulator which only allows a set temperature while a thermostat precludes any chance of overheating from a malfunction. It is small, light and portable.

Duration and Frequency
The normal duration and frequency for heating any single specific area of the body is 10 to 30 minutes maximum each time, twice daily. Initially you will experience just the warmth and comfort. The long term benefits will become apparent by using it on a  regular basis. Avery slight reddening of the skin is normal. The relief you get is similar to a good massage.

For most comfortable effects, arrange for the head of the lamp to be 4 to 10 inches away from the specific area of the body you want to treat.

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